Cat Heffernan

Executive Director Consulting

Cat has a highly diverse background in both the industries and functions she has worked in with a common thread of transformation and innovation weaving it all together. She has a successful track record driving growth and transformation and is able to quickly grasp the essentials in complex situations to focus on what needs to be done – whether it’s a commercial opportunity or one involving team dynamics.

Cat has an energetic and engaging style and balances her naturally strategic perspective with a strong sense of pragmatism. She counts herself as very fortunate to have been involved in several incubation opportunities and having learned the value of experimentation and iteration early in her career.  She is known for developing strong working relationships throughout organisations to deliver results.

She has a particular passion for the people agenda as a way of achieving outcomes and realising potential. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in languages and Masters of Applied Science in Organisation Dynamics.  She has also completed Executive Education in Corporate Finance and Leadership Development.  

Cat specialises in Transformation, Culture Change and team dynamics, Leadership , Strategy formulation, Change Management, Organisation Design, Product Development and Management.

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