Deborah Pike

Deborah Pike

Senior Transformation Specialist

Deborah has a wealth of experience in business transformation, technology implementations and process improvement. She has worked successfully with vendors, stakeholders and staff alike, while managing a range of concurrent projects to improve business processes and technology implementations.
Her excellent project management skills and strong customer service focus saw her make a leading contribution to the development and implementation of integrated services for a well-known government agency through process improvement.
Deborah’s people management, analytical and change management skills also stand her in good stead for delivering solutions that ensure staff, stakeholders and customers realise the benefits and follow the path of continuous improvement for the business.

Deborah’s qualifications include Master of Business - Operations Management, Business Administration, Management and Operations, (University of Technology, Sydney)., which Deborah followed with a Master’s thesis entitled “Achieving Lean Processes - ‘Activity Based Costing as an Output of Business Process Re-engineering.” These qualifications were preceded by a Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours in Computer Science (University of Technology, Sydney).

Deborah has worked in a variety of industries including:

  • Banking / Insurance / Financial Services
  • Retail / FMCG, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Defence and Government

Deborah is a business transformation specialist with a strong background in process improvement and project management, combined with stakeholder and vendor management.

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