Caroline Mills

Caroline Mills

Managing Director Asia Pacific

Caroline Mills is the Managing Director Asia Pacific for Gordian Global Solutions.

Caroline is a transformational specialist with hands-on operational experience taking people on transformation journeys. While she possesses the high-level strategic skills to advise you on the approach, she also has the skills and the desire to help you create the engaged culture you want for lasting, successful change. Caroline has extensive experience as a senior leader in large corporates and really understands what its like to lead large teams and deliver results.

Caroline is a strong relationship builder – she is the stakeholder manager extraordinaire, a natural facilitator and mediator able to bring opposing views and teams together. Clearly, in complex, large-scale transformations or cultural change programs, she is a very useful person to have work alongside you.

Caroline’s clients include major financial institutions, government agencies, manufacturers; professional services companies, utilities and many others.

In recent years Caroline has led large-scale transformational change and cultural programs. One of her most recent experiences was leading a global team (across 33 countries) through the introduction to and implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System, which required extensive change management - new processes, restructured roles and new ways of working.

As part of Caroline’s values around giving back to the community on a “Not for Profit” basis she also works with several small businesses and clients supporting through coaching and development programs.  In conjunction with her business partner Tracey Penington, they also run workshops in the community to support an understanding of Health and Wellbeing and how it can positively influence work-life balance.

Caroline’s qualifications include a Diploma in Business Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Arts in Education & Psychology, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Advanced Diploma in Metaphysics, Diploma in Energy Healing and she is an accredited Executive Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.

Caroline specialises in Organisational Transformation, Cultural Change, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Change Management, Team Building, Executive Coaching, and Mediation

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