Linda Robinson

Manager Organisational Development

An organisation can operate, but is it functioning? And do you know the difference?

That’s what Linda Robinson can help you with. Linda is an Organisational Development Specialist for Gordian Global Solutions, and she has a passion for bringing out the best in your organisation.

Words like ‘empower’ and ‘enable’ are common these days, but it takes skill and experience to turn them from concepts into reality. Linda can take you and your organisation on a journey that ends with your people understanding themselves and their role in your organisation’s story.

Our clients enlist Linda’s help when they want to know their teams better, whether in response to a specific challenge, or in a general desire to increase staff engagement, improve leadership capability, and create a more productive culture. Have your most recent employee culture survey results been less than ideal? “Feedback is a gift,” according to Linda – an opportunity to solve problems and make changes.

Linda does this by working up from the individual to an organisational level; effectively building a stronger people foundation from the ground floor up. Her enthusiasm for people and their personal transformations translates into a talent for teasing out their strengths, their values, what they want for themselves.

How does this help your organisation? A motivated and fulfilled team that feels involved in your organisation’s operation, both the successes and the challenges, is a workforce that wants your organisation to succeed. A team that can work together productively is a team that can solve problems, identify opportunities, and represent your organisation positively.

With fifteen years of knowledge and experience gained across large multi-functional organisations, many in the Financial Services and Banking sectors, Linda has a proven ability to work at all levels of your organisation, from senior leadership through to frontline staff. With her ability to cut through complexity, she can deliver straightforward and sustainable results.

Her specialities are:

  • Delivering leadership development frameworks and programs
  • Designing and implementing capability development solutions
  • Delivering culture change and business transformation
  • Developing and implementing coaching and mentoring frameworks and executive coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Instructional design.
  • Building and delivering technology-based learning solutions (e-learning)
  • Designing and executing blended learning strategies and solutions

Linda specialises in Training & Development, Leadership Development, Executive & Workplace Coaching, Change Management, Facilitation, Instructional Design, Cultural Change

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