About Gordian Global Solutions

By introducing a new way of thinking, we work with organisations to troubleshoot complex commercial problems, and challenge current paradigms. We develop strategies, plans and programs that deliver real solutions and future-ready outcomes.

Who we've worked with

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EdTech Platforms

Digital Technology Supporting Business & the Community

Our development programs leverage the latest learning and techniques whilst instilling an understanding of multi-dimensional and holistic nature of business. Via our online tools, workshops and programs we can support your organisation and it's people with customisable learning platforms designed to meet your specific needs.

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Specialists Across Many Spaces

Our team work across a broad range of industries and business areas, ensuring we can help your organisation on many levels whilst maintaining a unified approach towards your overall success.

Business Transformation

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  • Innovation consulting
  • Strategic design & planning
  • Digital ‘bite-sized’ learning Programs
  • Education programs
  • Med-tech, health-tech, ed-tech
  • Pharma-tech, bio-tech
  • FinTech, AI, blockchain & crypto

Change & Transformation

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  • Change & transformation consulting
  • Strategic design and planning
  • Digital program support
  • People focused programs
  • Education programs
  • Organisational development
  • Enterprise level consulting

Digital Ed-Tech

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  • Ed-Tech for communities
  • Ed-Tech for business
  • Ed-Tech for government
  • Ed-Tech for schools
  • Ed-Tech for young adults
  • Ed-Tech for women
  • Ed-Tech for leadership & entrepreneurs

Research & Development

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  • Collab. with universities, government & industry
  • Project management & governance
  • Health & wellbeing solutions
  • Mental health solutions
  • Indigenous solutions
  • Education solutions
  • Animal welfare solutions

Learning & Development

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  • Executive programs & workshops
  • Digital learning
  • Ed-Tech programs
  • Leadership training
  • Change & business management
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship
  • University accredited

Social Innovation

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  • Innovation consulting
  • Government focused innovation
  • Regional innovation
  • Proof of concept designs
  • Indigenous partnerships
  • University & research partners
  • Not-for-profit support

Latest Thinking

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