Transformation in action - dynamic design and delivery at Service NSW

18 August 2016
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Business transformation

Dynamic design and delivery – Service NSW changing the face of government services

It’s the holy grail: improving efficiency and reducing costs while delivering better service and an enhanced customer experience.

Is it really possible?

For many organisations, achieving such outcomes is the stuff of dreams, yet with the right people and approaches in place, radical transformation is possible.

At Gordian Global Solutions we were privileged to assist the NSW Government in establishing Service NSW and assisting with their rapid setup and transformation across the state. This was no small task, given the complexity across the NSW Government Service Delivery model which had:

  • 380+ government operated shop fronts
  • 30+ call centres
  • 8000+ information lines and government contact centre phone numbers
  • 900+ individual government websites.

Service NSW has literally changed the way customers transact with the NSW government, simplifying access to government services and designing and delivering to meet customer needs. Service NSW now delivers a ‘one stop shop’ experience to NSW’s 7.5 million residents, located across the state’s diverse urban, regional and rural locations. They continue to evolve and expand, serving in excess of 34 million customers across various channels since 1 July 2013 and currently have a customer satisfaction rating of 97%.

All while increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience! How did they approach their organisational transformation? Full details of this case study are available in Gordian Global Solutions’ exclusive business transformation white paper.

The key to success: a Qi Mindset

Gordian Global Solutions’ contribution to the Service NSW success story included application of its unique Quantum Intellect (Qi) Mindset.

According to director, Tracey Penington, Quantum Intellect is “the cognitive ability to understand, assimilate and manage 
the interaction of multiple dimensions
 of systems, the environmental factors that interact with those systems, and the interplay between these.”

“Using a Qi Mindset to innovate, design and deliver organisational transformation means being able to constantly 
analyse, assimilate and manage all the organisational and environmental systems that are interplaying at the same time,” says Tracey.

“In contrast to the linear approaches of old, a Qi Mindset means being able to design and deliver many dimensions at once, for easy implementation in a dynamic environment.”

The Service NSW case study demonstrates how using a Qi Mindset supports design and delivery towards a clear vision and target operating model.  Couple this with 
a strategic approach – focused on the customer – this allows for rapid implementation.

Learn more

Download Gordian Global Solutions’ exclusive white paper on how to achieve business transformation in the digital age using a Qi Mindset.

The white paper includes a detailed case study about the process adopted by Service NSW to achieve their transformation goals.