Judith Graham

Customer Advocate

Judith is a passionate customer advocate, with proven ability to put herself in the customer’s shoes. This coupled with her skill in designing and delivering quality customer intelligence programmes and turning them into practical, effective customer service strategiesprovide the best possible outcomes for the customer and organisations.

She has a long and rich history of managing the provision customer research & intelligence programmes for organisations, along with the critical role of bringing customer insights to life for stakeholders. This has involved using multiple data sources (both micro and macro), developing new and innovative ways to analyse and interpret data, customer segmentation and establishing models to forecast key indicators.  In addition she has a very broad background in customer intelligence, research and evaluation, customer service, acquisition and retention strategies, product and service marketing strategies, brand and reputation management, sponsorship & events, communications (both external and internal).

This combination of experience makes her an expert at driving customer change both within and across organisations. This experience encompasses government to customer, government to business and business to customer.

Judith is very much at home working in large organisations where her ability to understand and operate in complex and political environments is an asset.

Judith is a seasoned professional who has worked in the private sector, public sector and cross-government, specifically:

  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Local Authorities

Judith specialises in Customer Experience, Customer Research & Analytics, Root Cause Analysis, Outcome Measurement, Solution Design, Customer & Organisation Behaviour Change, Customer Advocate, Marketing.

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