Strategy & Design

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler."

- Albert Einstein

We specialise in defining, designing and delivering Strategies and Designs that align with your business need.

Using the latest thinking and our extensive experience, the team at Gordian partner with our clients to support strategy and design. We develop strategies, plans and programs that will support the desired outcomes. Our solutions are leading edge and are developed specifically for our clients leveraging the latest technology and thinking.

Whatever your needs may be, we can help:

  • Design new ways of operating
  • Create future state models
  • Innovate and Digitise
  • Design change & transformation strategies
  • Complete research and development
  • Diagnose existing problems and create new solutions
  • Leverage leading edge technology solutions

Our Strategy & Design Services

Business Architecture

Business Architecture

Using the latest thinking and our extensive experience, the team at Gordian partners with our clients t...

Business jigsaw puzzle concept

Business Continuity (BCP)

To succeed in a constantly changing market, business models need to be reviewed and transformed regular...

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We partner with our clients to develop programs that will support all forms of digital transformation....

Global concept

Learning & Development

We support all elements of organisational development and capability uplift, especially as it relates t...

Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

To succeed in a constantly changing market, it is critical that Organisations have a strong and transpa...

Strategic Design

Strategic Design

Using the latest thinking and our extensive experience, the team at Gordian partner with our clients to...

Client case study

Strategy, Design and Delivery - Delivering to Market and Business expectations

CLIENT: Large corporate organisation

BACKGROUND: Two large corporate organisations had merged and required a strategy and plan to deliver the integration. The initial plan was not delivering with problems becoming apparent. This required a new way of thinking to ensure integration could be managed quickly and in line with market expectations. The plan also needed to ensure all regulatory requirements were met and managed throughout.

SOLUTION: A major driver for the market and Board was ensuring public expectations were met which included delivery within time and budget and benefits realised. Due to the initial problems with the planning and delivery this had created a reduced timeframe in which to deliver in. A new approach and strategy was designed and implemented.

SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY: The strategy and design ensured a successful integration delivered to the market, on time, within budget, and with benefits realised.

Client, corporate organisation, Australia

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