Angelica Pereira

Director Business Services

Angelica is an experienced Senior Executive Leader and Entrepreneur in Sales and Operational Leadership and Business Transformation. Her experience spans across Retail, Business, Small Business and Contact Centres. Her strong belief and practice in the collective capacity of the people to create value is the key to her success. 

Angelica has a proven track record in the delivery of commercial performance turnaround, including employee engagement and customer experience. Building and sustaining high performance cultures is supported by her ability to inspire, lead and effectively connect with diverse groups of people and stakeholders. Her success is underpinned by a relentless focus and passion for empowerment and enablement of people and customers. Customers and People are always at the heart of a methodical but agile approach to planning and business transformation. Her success in business transformation is achieved by embedding a culture of continuous improvement through innovation and coaching support, backed by strong sales and operational discipline and stakeholder engagement to enable a vision to come to life.

Angelica is motivated by opportunities to add value to help people, communities and businesses grow and succeed. She is a firm believer and advocate of teamwork collaboration, cooperation and inclusion to drive long-term success.

Angelica’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts Honours in History and Political Science, a Post Graduate degree in Business, Advertising and Marketing, Harvard University Strategic Business Diploma and IECL Level 1 accredited coach.

Specialisations include Leadership, Business Transformation and Change, Executive and Work Place Coaching, Team Building, Business Growth and development, Strategic Planning, Sales and Operational Leadership.

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