Innovation & Digital

"We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"

- Albert Einstein

Innovating and Digitising to support future generations and deliver sustainable solutions

We are passionate about supporting innovation in its many formats. We work with clients ranging from small start-ups looking to develop an idea right through to large multi-national organisations and government.

Whether this be through traditional means or via the plethora of digital platforms and tools now available at our fingertips, we can help. Within our team are experienced experts who specialise across multiple industries. We offer a multifaceted approach providing adaptable flexible solutions for a wide range of innovation & digital requirements.

Whatever your needs may be, we can help:

  • Working together we can supply professional solutions across many key areas including
  • Design new ways of operating
  • Create future state models
  • Leverage large data sets and Artificial Intelligence
  • Create efficiencies with Robotic Process Automation
  • Design change & transformation strategies
  • Develop internal capability around Innovation & Digitisation

Our Innovation & Digital Services

AI & Robotic Process Automation

AI & Robotic Process Automation

The designing and definition of the operational business requirements and change management to support...

Customer Centric Design

Customer Centric Design

At Gordian we specialise in Innovation and Design Thinking taking a Customer Centric and/or Human Centr...

The Change Space app

Digital Tools & Solutions

The Innovator Lab is an online platform we developed specifically to support learning within the innova...

Innovation & Design Thinking

Innovation & Design Thinking

To support Innovation and Design Thinking we have recently introduced The Innovator Lab which is an onl...

Global concept

Learning & Development

We support all elements of organisational development and capability uplift, especially as it relates t...

Research & Development

Research & Development

For over 10 years we have been extensively involved in researching all forms of solutions that support...

Client case study

From Start up to large integrated businesses scaling rapidly

CLIENT: Australian Government

BACKGROUND: A government organisation had introduced a new business model, as a start-up and proof of concept, that was built on a premise of being able to scale with new integrated services and transactions quickly.

SOLUTION: The strategy utilised ensured the ability to understand the multiple organisational drivers that needed to be managed to integrate services into a new business model and then operationalise the services quickly and effectively.

SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY: The approach was utilised as a ‘blueprint’ enabling the organisation to rapidly integrate ongoing business and continue to scale to meet their overall vision and objectives. It continues to grow and scale today.

Client, government organisation, Australia

Client case study

From Complexity to Simplicity creating a totally new customer experience

CLIENT: Banking organisation

BACKGROUND: A major banking organisation had constant frustrations and problems with a core service offering for their customers. The customer experience was fraught with problems including high error rates, long time delays, inaccurate and incomplete documentation. This poor customer experience was also mirrored for the employees who had to manage the end to end component of the service.

SOLUTION: The strategy utilised ensured the ability to understand the multiple organisational processes and drivers that were causing the complexity and quality issues for both the customers and the employees. Innovative design enabled a totally new approach to be developed and delivered to transform the service and offering for customers.

SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY: The approach was utilised as a ‘blueprint’ enabling the organisation to rapidly transform other business models using the same principle. Not only did Customer satisfaction increase markedly, but the change was so transformational that it created a new benchmark in the marketplace.

Client, banking business, Australia

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