Gordian Global Solutions utilises standard project management methodology

Project Management For Businesses & Organisations

We are able to manage all aspects of the project, including all change management from current state to future state.

We can support across all aspects of the project:

  • Diagnostic
  • Business Case development
  • Strategy and Design
  • Build
  • Implement
  • Measure/Monitor and
  • Improve

Our approach is based on:

  • A multi-dimensional view of the project and change
  • Understanding the 'whole' system to ensure all impacts are managed
  • The belief that everything is connected and therefore ALL need to be accounted for within the change
  • Ensuring the People and Environment element is understood and supported throughout the transition

Client case study for this service

From Start up to large integrated businesses scaling rapidly

CLIENT: Australian Government

BACKGROUND: A government organisation had introduced a new business model, as a start-up and proof of concept, that was built on a premise of being able to scale with new integrated services and transactions quickly.

SOLUTION: The strategy utilised ensured the ability to understand the multiple organisational drivers that needed to be managed to integrate services into a new business model and then operationalise the services quickly and effectively.

SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY: The approach was utilised as a ‘blueprint’ enabling the organisation to rapidly integrate ongoing business and continue to scale to meet their overall vision and objectives. It continues to grow and scale today.

Client, government organisation, Australia

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