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Business Strategy & Design Programs

Using the latest thinking and our extensive experience, Gordian Global Solutions work with our clients to support strategy and design. We develop strategies, plans and programs that will support the desired outcomes. Our solutions are leading edge and are developed specifically for our clients.

Whatever your needs may be, we can help:

  • Design new ways of operating
  • Create future state models
  • Develop new and leading edge designs
  • Diagnose existing problems and create new solutions
  • Support ‘Blue-Sky’ thinking

Client case study for this service

Deteriorating business and culture to high performing business and culture

CLIENT: Large retail business

BACKGROUND: A large retail business had over successive years constantly declining employee engagement results, which was also creating a poor internal culture. This in turn was leading to poor business performance.

SOLUTION: The strategy utilised ensured the ability to understand the multiple organisational drivers that were causing the problem. This enabled a new organisational culture to be established which supported elimination of many of the root causes and established a strong foundation for the business to build upon.

SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY: Within 12 months the trends on all key indicators had changed, and the business and employee performance had totally changed. The business went from the lowest performer to one of their top performers across all key measures.

Client, retail business, Sydney

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