Helping develop strategies, plans & programs to support change of all types

Organisational Change & Culture

We take pride in our track record of utilising our experience and models to support and embed sustainable outcomes for our clients that are aligned to their needs. We partner with our clients to develop strategies, plans and programs to support change of all types, whether it is issue-driven change or organisational transformation.

Regardless of the scale of the change, we believe in and take a holistic view of organisational change and culture that considers the entire system in which the organisation operates.

Client case study for this service

Deteriorating Business Results to Outstanding Performance and Business Best Practice

CLIENT: Corporate bank

BACKGROUND: A large corporate bank was suffering from deteriorating business results which included declining market share, reducing revenue, increasing costs and high turnover.

SOLUTION: The strategy utilised ensured the ability to understand the multiple organisational drivers that were causing the problem. This enabled a new organisational operating model to be put in place to eliminate the problems and create a sustainable solution.

SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY: Within 6 months the trends on all key indicators had changed, and the performance was so strong that the model became ‘best practice’ and was deployed globally across the business.

Client, corporate bank, Australia

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